Veitchi Frame – Apprentice Training Days

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During October Veitchi Trade School is providing Metframe training sessions to our valued apprentices. From our offsite facility in Glespin our manager, Gibby Maxwell, is putting our second- and third-year apprentices through their paces as they learn the fundamental skills required to become a Veitchi Frame light gauge steel frame installer.

We value our employees and take pride in helping develop their skillset, share in their growing confidence and mentor as they progress through their careers. The Veitchi Trade School and the training area in Glespin provide the perfect platform for learning and we are proud of the progress being made by the apprentices throughout Veitchi Group.

In what can only be described as mixed weather conditions, the team took to it like ducks to water! At least the sun wasn’t a permanent stranger.
Well done to Rizwan, Finlay, Jack and Andrew! Top effort everyone!

Looking forward to another great session later this month!

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