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The complete, structural load-bearing building system

Metframe is a complete lightweight steel structure method of construction, revolutionising the mid-rise sector utilizing cold rolled, galvanized steel extrusions, built off-site and delivered in pre-panelised form. These are then incorporated into a range of structurally efficient floor, ceiling and roof solutions that provide structural stability and integrity to the building, eliminating the need for a steel or concrete primary frame.

The Benefits of Metframe

The benefits of the Metframe system are ideally suited meet your project’s specific design and performance requirements.

  • Fast build programme – build speed of 10-15 days per floor. Up to 20% reduction time in overall site programme
  • Versatile – A wide range of external finishes can be applied.
  • Reduced site risk – Precision engineered off-site minimising on-site cutting, forming and manual handling
  • Bespoke – Can be designed to customer’s individual requirements
  • Sustainable – Low carbon footprint and zero waste for main structure
  • Confidence – Proven Metframe history and building lifecycle delivered by an approved installer

Revolutionise your construction

Metframe incorporates heavier gauge studs along with bespoke designs to allow for structures to be constructed up to a height of 15 storeys. The structures can incorporate steel joisted or concrete floors, depending on your requirements. Pitched, dormer or flat roofs can be readily incorporated in Metframe structures as well as balconies, cantilevers and insets.

Veitchi Frame can provide craneage, along with lifting plans and a fully qualified lifting team.


Metsec Metframe

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